24 Hour Science Projects – Don’t Be Fazed in Your Snow Daze

Snow Days are great fun for kids. The anticipation of not having school the next day is followed by the excitement of waking up to find school was called off. When there are several days in a row off, the family can find themselves in a snow daze, and need to find some new and different things to do with the kids to counteract cabin fever. Using simple, easy to do activities like 24 hour science projects might be the answer and give the children something different and fun to do that is not sitting in front of the television.

Why a science project and not something else? Simple home science projects for kids are set up around common household items. You can find interesting projects for middle school students or younger elementary students that only need things typically found around the house. For a snow day calculator
day, this is perfect, as you cannot get out to the store to buy materials needed for something like a craft project, or baking.

Will this project take an entire 24 hours to do? There might only be this one snow day. The idea of 24 hour science projects is just a way to let you know it is a simple self contained unit that can be done in one sitting. The reason for calling them 24 hours is because often a project will get started one day, then it has to sit overnight and the results recorded the next day. Most can be started in the morning and get the results later on the same day.

How much help will they need from a parent? When I am home on a snow day I try to get some things done. The best thing about one day science projects is they are supposed to be simple, and should be written with easy to follow directions. They are designed for the kids to do themselves! All a parent needs to do, it provide the project and may-be help gather the materials. Children will be able to do the project on their own.

Where do I find good projects to use? A good digital resource will have projects available for different types or projects, like investigation or demonstrations, different ages and even different lengths of time, like a one day project or a weekend project. Having these on hand, or knowing it is there when you need it, will assure that you always have fun 24 hour science projects available for a snow day, or any other time your child is bored. As long as you have an Internet connection, you have access to these projects.