Restaurants in Montreal – Cater To Each and Every Taste

The city of Montreal is not only famous for its location, but it’s also unique for offering a delightful variety of food. Montreal is greatly occupied with a variety of restaurants, including Mediterranean, Lebanese, Latin American, Bistro restaurants and more.

Restaurants in Montreal provide a wide variety of cuisines. For instance, if you visit a Montreal Mediterranean restaurant like La Goelette Plus, Ella Grill or any other, you will find several specialties like grilled fish, cheese, hot dog, bagel and more. Characterized with uniqueness in terms of offering good taste and quality service, restaurants in Montreal bring you several specialties to choose your favorite recipes.

If you ever happen to visit the city of Montreal, you would find that this is one ideal place where you can find each conceivable sort of restaurant. You may probably find much more variety than that of Vancouver or Toronto.

Because of the large ethnic communities, Montreal has several Russian, Chinese, Polish, Armenian, Thai, Spanish, Ethiopian and Thai restaurants. You will find restaurants for all tastes and budgets. You can easily find a lot of fast food outlets, pubs and brasseries.

You don’t have to be intimidated by French menus. About 95 percent of the Montreal restaurants include menus in English. Not only this, waitresses and waiters speak both languages. So if you don’t find English menu, they will describe you the dish.

Montreal Mediterranean Restaurants

Ella Grill

Restaurant Ella Grill is one the most excellent places to enjoy Greco-Mediterranean dining. If you are not much aware of the Greco-Mediterranean food, then visit this restaurant to enjoy a great time.

Ella Grill promises a soothing ambience that makes it one of the most outstanding choices over the other restaurants. The chilled Martini cocktails are found to add flavor and relax. Another specialty of the Ella grill restaurant is the hand picked fresh cuisines which cooked to perfection. For appetizers, you have traditional Greek salads, marinated octopus, lamb chops, grilled oyster mushrooms and more.

La Goelette Plus

Established in the year 1980, La Goelette Plus is situated close to Montreal’s popular spot St-Laurent Boulevard. This Mediterranean restaurant is ranked among the best-known restaurants in Montreal for serving some of fresh seafood dishes. Apart from sea food, you also find a great variety of cuisines which offers an exciting feel and taste. Some of the exceptional dishes you find in this hotel include milk fed lamb, Angus beef and a wide variety of the Greek specialties.

Montreal French Restaurants

Boris Bistro

Situated in the beautiful Old Montreal, Boris Bistro is a wonderful tourist spot. Its major attraction is the outdoor terrace which is described as beautiful. You get a variety of dishes here, including venison, chicken, beef, duck and rabbit. You even get a variety of dessert menu like cream cheese ice cream, chocolate marquise, strawberries and sorbets.